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merald Anvil is a fantasy storyworld set
in the dangerous fairy realm of Hada.

Explore the universe through four
interconnected, but stand-alone stories:

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Emerald Anvil Universe

Friends or foes? Heroes or villains? Avatars of good or harbingers of evil?

Emerald Anvil  is a complete reimagining of magical, flying beings that interact with humans and bring them back to their world.

Instead of pixies from a supernatural realm, Emerald Anvil's  human-sized Hadeen inhabit a physical world with millennia of interaction with Earth. The fairy-planet of Hada is wondrous and full of 'magic', but it's also a complicated and dangerous world, rife with intrigue and mystery.

Journey to Hada

Morgan De Leon and her brother, Orion, are teleported to Hada — a fairy-world that's also home to an enclave of humans, most of whom live as servants. Or slaves. Or worse.

The kids' arrival, foretold in different ways among the fairies' many faiths, ignites a crusade to eradicate the planet's humans once and for all.

Battle for Hada

A century before the De Leons arrived on Hada,
a brutal war forged its nations.

Claim a territory.

Create history.

Glim the game

A game from Hada itself.
Played by the fairies,
Reworked for humankind.

Black Velvet Fairies Podcast Cover

Strange paintings and a family that's stranger still.

Listen as secrets are revealed and connections to Hada are

Community Portal

Step through the portal and enter a realm brimming with creations by Emerald Anvil  collaborators and fans. From artwork to thought-provoking stories and discussions, the Community Portal is a celebration of the creativity that flourishes within our community.